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  • A Virtual Retreat to Sicily, Coursework Package

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    The items shown in this course are not yet complete. Release date is set on or before July 15. Pre-order now, as we continue to finalize extra content, and save $50. (Full retail price, $299.)
    What's Included:
    For a third of the cost of a group workshop, A Virtual Retreat ...

  • Intro to Oils Workshop

    1 video  |   Buy $49.99

    Level: For beginners or anyone wanting to revisit the basics.

    This is from one of Lori Putnam's live workshops. Learn the basics of oil painting. Using your own set-up, follow along as Lori introduces you to supplies, paint application, and terminology.

    Our special guest for this workshop was ...

  • Brushwork Workshop 1

    1 video  |   Buy $19.95

    See how Lori uses a variety of brush shapes and types to create beautiful brushwork in her paintings.

  • Color Clinic 1

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    The best way to learn how to mix accurate color and value, is by using a limited color palette. Don’t be fooled that this Color Clinic is strictly for beginners! Everyone can benefit by learning how to use these 3 colors plus white. In fact, for over 6 years, I used nothing else! What I learned w...